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Is my License Suspended after a DUI Arrest?

When someone is arrested and charged with DUI in South Carolina, there may or may not be a subsequent license suspension prior to the conviction of the DUI.  So how can you tell if your license is suspended?  


Did the officer take your license?


The officer who administers the Datamaster test should confiscate your license if you refused to provide a breath sample or if your breath sample was greater than .15% BAC.  The officer taking your license is a pretty good indicator it is or will very shortly be suspended.  However, if the officer seized your license improperly, the suspension may never result.


Did you receive a notice of suspension?


The notice of suspension should also be provided to you at the time of the Datamaster test.  Even though the DMV records may not immediately reflect this suspension, you license to drive is definitely suspended.  If you did not refuse or if you blew less than a .15% BAC, you should request an administrative hearing immediately.  Not sure what to do or how to contest the suspension?  Hire someone to represent you!


What does the DMV say?


You can check your license status to see what the DMV has on file.  The South Carolina DMV allows drivers to check the status of their license online. It’s very convenient and we use this service for our clients routinely.

Driving while your license is suspended is a separate criminal offense that has significant consequences.  If you have any doubt whether your license is suspended, check the three steps above.  If you are still uncertain, find a DUI attorney in your area to assist you. 

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