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Do I Need an Attorney for a Bond Hearing in SC?

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I tell everyone that if they're going to be in court, it's best to have an attorney. With that being said, there are some circumstances where there just isn't enough time or the immediate ability to hire an attorney. One of these instances is at the bond...

Do I Need a DUI Attorney for a First Offense in South Carolina?

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Okay, so you got charged for DUI first offense. Pay the fine and get it over with right? Whenever someone gets a charge of driving under the influence, it is often times two separate cases. What do I mean by that? If someone is charged with DUI they will be offered a Datamaster test, sometimes referred...

Should I Hire an Attorney Before I Am Arrested in SC?

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Nine times out of ten, people are arrested, give some sort of statement, and then call an attorney to represent them on the criminal case. Unfortunately, the investigation is likely over at this point.

I certainly realize not everyone knows if they are going to be...

South Carolina Grand Jury - What really Happens?

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The concept of a grand jury can be baffling to some. So what is it? In South Carolina, as with every other state, there is a requirement that a serious criminal case be presented to the grand jury. In South Carolina, that is found in our Constitution in Article I, Section 11. Likewise, the United States Constitution guarantees the right to grand jury review in the Fifth Amendment.

What Happens at a Probation Violation Hearing?

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When someone is sentenced on a criminal charge and given probation, it is certainly not a hallpass. When there is a violation, the person will be served with a probation violation “warrant” and will brought before the sentencing court for a hearing of the alleged violation.


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