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Will a Conviction affect my South Carolina Financial Aid?

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People charged, and often times their parents, never think about student financial aid in relation to a criminal charge.  I have quite a few people call to ask about what seem to be relatively insignificant charges. The question always seems to be whether they should just pay...

How to check if my Driver's License is Suspended in South Carolina?

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We are lucky here in South Carolina, that the Department of Motor Vehicles allows us to check their records to see if our drivers license is suspended, determine the number of points and a few other things. 

Trying to tell someone how to do this over the phone seems to be more difficult than it really needs to be. Therefore if you want to find out if your drivers license is suspended, or how many points you have on your license, use the instructions below to...

What offenses are “Violent” in South Carolina?

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When we think of a “violent” offense we think of someone getting beaten, shot, or otherwise seriously injured.  That type of injury is a good indicator of what might be or might not be a violent offense in South Carolina.  As is true...

What is Strong-Arm Robbery in South Carolina?

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You don't need to be an attorney to know what an armed robbery is. But when folks hear the word "strong-arm" robbery many times I see confusion. This confusion is not unique to victims or defendants, but can be found in law enforcement and among some attorneys (and even prosecutors) as well. 

Armed robbery is prohibited by section

South Carolina Criminal Court System

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Many of my clients come into the office and have no clue what court their charge will be heard in, what officer or deputy arrested them, or even what jurisdiction. Because of that, I wanted to make some information available as to the levels of criminal court in South...

South Carolina Three Strikes Law - are you out?

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The South Carolina "three strikes law" has been the source of mass confusion for clients, and attorneys alike.  Who really even knows what the title is?  Some call it "two strikes / three strikes law", some call it...


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