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How Much Jail Time Can I Get for a Charge in South Carolina

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South Carolina Criminal Offenses and Penalties

How much jail time can I get? This seems to be the first question that anyone asks when they get charged with an offense.  A criminal statute usually list prison times in terms of a range or maximum penalty.  So for example, burglary in the 1st degree carries 15 years to life.  While most charges can be suspended to a probationary sentence, some cannot.  Burglary in the 1st...

What offenses are “Violent” in South Carolina?

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When we think of a “violent” offense we think of someone getting beaten, shot, or otherwise seriously injured.  That type of injury is a good indicator of what might be or might not be a violent offense in South Carolina.  As is true...

South Carolina Three Strikes Law - are you out?

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The South Carolina "three strikes law" has been the source of mass confusion for clients, and attorneys alike.  Who really even knows what the title is?  Some call it "two strikes / three strikes law", some call it...

What goes into a Prosecutor's Recommendation?

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What are the factors that go into a prosecutors recommendation? As a prosecutor of many years, I made thousands of sentence recommendations. Here’s what goes into it.

Let’s go through an example. Defendant is charged with

Summary of South Carolina DUI Law

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So the unthinkable happens and you get arrested for a DUI.  This happens to people of all walks of life, not just “criminals.”  A fun night with friends can turn into a not-so-fun night with extreme complications for your wallet, license,...


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