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A charge doesn’t equal a conviction.

St. George Criminal Defense Attorney

Car pulled over on I-95 and wrongfully searched? Now facing drug charges near St. George or Santee, South Carolina?

Criminal defense attorney Russell D. Hilton can help.

It happens to many drivers traveling between states on I-95.

The police stop you for something small – say, speeding or following a little too closely. The next thing you know, the officer requests to search, brings out the dog and finds something in your trunk.

Maybe it was just a small, recreational amount of marijuana, or maybe it was more. But before you know it, you’re being arrested and facing criminal charges like trafficking drugs, or unlawful carrying of a firearm.

Regardless of whether you’ve been wrongfully accused or truly “messed up,” you’re understandably terrified of what this could mean for your family and career. Drug charges carry serious penalties.

You need a qualified criminal defense lawyer immediately.

Drivers who’ve been arrested in Walterboro, Santee, St. George or elsewhere in SC turn to criminal defense lawyer Russell D. Hilton when they:

  • Feel they’ve been mistreated by Law Enforcement
  • Believe they may be the target of an unlawful stop or search
  • Are overwhelmed by the prospect of losing their freedom and hard-earned reputation
  • Are afraid of how criminal charges could affect their lives and families
  • Are unsure where to turn to ensure their jobs and careers will be protected
  • Understand that retaining an effective attorney as quickly as possible is the best way to protect the possibility of a favorable outcome.

Whether you’re facing a felony or misdemeanor charge, Russell D. Hilton provides criminal defense for charges, including:

  • Drug Trafficking
  • Unlawful Carrying of a Pistol
  • Possession of Drugs
  • Asset Seizures (Where they have taken your cash)

With Russell D. Hilton, you know that you’re getting a criminal defense lawyer who is experienced and caring

People continue to recommend me because I’m:

  • Committed to replying quickly and thoroughly to your emails and phone calls
  • Honest and approachable
  • A former prosecutor and now a defense attorney, I have over 9 years experience in criminal law. That means I understand both sides of the law.
  • A stickler for details like keeping good records, appointments and showing up on time. In fact, nothing frustrates me more than people who make broken promises.

What happens next?

Sometimes we wish we could change the past. Unfortunately, we can’t.

But we can take charge of the present. You can protect your future and the future of your reputation, family and career.

Law enforcement officers and prosecutors won’t wait to build their case against you. You can’t afford to wait to protect yourself and the life you’ve worked so hard to build.

Call now at (843) 376-5524, or email us to schedule a free initial review of your case.