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A charge doesn’t equal a conviction.

Criminal Defense Attorney for Juveniles

You think your son or daughter is out with friends only to have the phone ring and hear a law enforcement officer on the other end.  He says, “Is this Mr. Smith?  I need you to come pick up your child because she’s been detained for possession of drugs” — or worse!  Having your son or daughter detained by law enforcement is tragic to the minor, and the family.

A Criminal Defense Attorney for Juveniles can help you through the process and take away some of the anxiety that the entire family feels.  I handle cases where juveniles are charged with offenses and represent them in Family Court or Circuit Court if they are charged as an adult.  If you child has been charged with an offense, don’t hesitate to call.  It costs absolutely nothing for a consultation and I enjoy working with juveniles and their parents to facilitate a desirable outcome while protecting their interests.

If your child has been charged, call Criminal Defense Attorney for Juveniles, Russell D. Hilton today.


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