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This is a continuation of the previous article relating to penalties for South Carolina offenses that are not drug related.

This article provides the penalty ranges for drug offenses but some explanation is needed.

The charges are grouped by the type of drug and charge type, whether it be possession, distribution, or trafficking.

Any place you see a “~”, it means, “or subsequent.”  An underlined charge means that no suspension or probation may be given.

All offenses with a possible sentence of 20 years or more are by statute considered “no-parole” offenses.

Additionally, all “Trafficking” offenses are considered “violent” and “serious“.

Marijuana and other general Non-Narcotic Drugs

44-53-370(d)(4) – (Simple Possession of Marijuana)

0659    Marij. 1st[0-30 days or $100-200] –

0182    Marij. 2nd[0-1yr &or $200-1k]

44-53-370(b)(2) –  Possession with intent to distribute, distribution, manufacturing, etc.

0186    Marij; Sch I,II (non-narc) or Sch III 1st [0-5yrs &or $0-5k]

0187    Marij; Sch I,II (non-narc) or Sch III 2nd [0-10yrs &or $0-10k]

0188    Marij; SchI, II (non-narc) or Sch III 3rd~ [5-20yrs &or$0-20k]

44-53-370(e)(1) – “Trafficking Marijuana”

2360    Marij(10-100 lbs) 1st [1-10yrs & $10k]

0402    Marij(10-100 lbs) 2nd [5-20yrs & $15k]

0145    Marij(10-100 lbs) 3rd~ [25yrs & $25k]


44-53-370(d)(3) – (Possession or “Simple” Possession)

3011    Cocaine 1st[0-3yrs &or $0-5k]

3012    Cocaine 2nd [0-5yrs &or$0-7500]

3013    Cocaine 3rd~[0-10yrs &or $0-12500]

44-53-370(b)(1) – Possession with intent to distribute, distribution, manufacturing, etc.

0183    Cocaine/LSD/Heroin(other Sch I or II narcotic) 1st [0-15yrs &or $0-25k]

0184    Cocaine/LSD/Heroin(other Sch I or II narcotic) 2nd [ser] [5-30yrs &or $0-50k]

0185    Cocaine/LSD/Heroin(other Sch I or II narcotic) 3rd~ [ser] [10-30yrs&or $0-50k]

44-53-370(e)(2) – “Trafficking Cocaine”

0278    Cocaine(10-28 grams) 1st [3-10yrs & $25k]

0387    Cocaine(10-28 grams) 2nd [5-30yrs & $50k]

0147    Cocaine(10-28 grams) 3rd~ [25-30yrs & $50k]

2359    Cocaine(28-100 grams) 1st [7-25yrs & $50k]

0388    Cocaine(28-100 grams) 2nd [7-30yrs & $50k]

0148    Cocaine(28-100 grams) 3rd~ [25-30yrs & $50k]

0280    Cocaine(100-200 grams) [25yrs & $50k]

0288    Cocaine(200-400 grams) [25yrs & $100k]

0281    Cocaine(400 or more grams) [25-30yrs & $200k]

Cocaine Base (Crack Cocaine) and Methamphetamine

44-53-375(A) – (Possession or “Simple” Possession)

3009    Coc. Base/Meth1st  [0-3yrs &or $0-5k]

3017    Coc. Base/Meth2nd [0-5yrs &or $0-7500]

3016    Coc. Base/Meth3rd~ [0-10yrs &or $0-12500]

3014    Coc. Base 1st[0-15yrs &or $0-25k]

3015    Coc. Base 2nd[ser] [5-30yrs &or $0-50k]

3039    Coc. Base 3rd~[ser] [10-30yrs &or $0-50k]



44-53-375(B) – Possession of Cocaine Base with intent to distribute, distribution, manufacturing, etc.

3014    Coc. Base 1st [0-15yrs &or$0-25k]

3015    Coc. Base 2nd [ser] [5-30yrs&or $0-50k]

3039    Coc. Base 3rd~ [ser] [10-30yrs&or $0-50k]


44-53-375(B) – Possession of Methamphetamine with intent to distribute, distribution, manufacturing, etc.

3198    Meth 1st [0-15yrs &or $0-25k]

3199    Meth 2nd [ser] [5-30yrs &or$0-50k]

3200    Meth 3rd~ [ser] [10-30yrs&or $0-50k]


44-53-375(C) – “Trafficking Methamphetamine” or “Trafficking Cocaine Base”

0450    Coc.Base/Meth (10-28 grams) 1st [3-10yrs & 25k]

0451    Coc.Base/Meth (10-28 grams) 2nd [5-30yrs & 50k]

0452    Coc.Base/Meth (10-28 grams) 3rd~ [25-30yrs & 50k]

0392    Coc.Base/Meth (28-100 grams) 1st [7-25yrs & 50k]

0389    Coc.Base/Meth (28-100 grams) 2nd [7-30yrs & 50k]

0349    Coc.Base/Meth (28-100 grams) 3rd~ [25-30yrs & 50k]

0368    Coc.Base/Meth (100-200 grams) [25yrs & 50k]

0369    Coc.Base/Meth (200-400 grams) [25yrs & 100k]

0370    Coc.Base/Meth (400 or more grams) [25-30yrs & 200k]

Other Narcotic / Non-Narcotic drugs not listed

44-53-370(d)(1) – Possession of a Narcotic Controlled Substance (or Heroin)

0176    Sch I or II Narcotic or LSD (or Heroin) 1st  [0-2yrs &or $0-5k]

0177    Sch I or II Narcotic or LSD (or Heroin) 2nd [0-5yrs &or $0-5k]

0178    Sch I or II Narcotic or LSD (or Heroin) 3rd~ [0-5yrs &or $0-10k]

44-53-370(d)(2) – Possession of a Non-Narcotic Controlled Substance

0179        Sch I-V (Non-Narc) 1st [0-6mths &or $0-1k]

0180        Sch I-V (Non-Narc) 2nd~[0-1yr &or $0-2k]

44-53-370(b)(3) – Possession with intent to distribute, distribution, manufacturing, etc.

0189    Sch IV 1st[0-3yrs &or $0-3k]

0190    Sch IV 2nd~[0-5yrs &or $0-6k] *** 3rd~

44-53-370(b)(4) – Possession with intent to distribute, distribution, manufacturing, etc.

0191    Sch V 1st[0-1yr &or $0-1k]

0192    Sch V 2nd~[0-2yrs &or $0-2k] *** 3rd~



44-53-370(e)(3) – “Trafficking Heroin” (for possession, see above)

2361    Heroin(4-14 grams) 1st [7-25yrs & 50k]

0156    Heroin(4-14 grams) 2nd~ [25yrs & 100k]

0287    Heroin(14-28 grams) [25yrs & 200k]

0149    Heroin(28 grams or more) [25-40yrs & 200k]



44-53-375(E)(1) – “Trafficking Ephedrine”

3023    >9 <28Grams Ephedrine, etc. 1st [Up to 10yrs & $25k]

3024    >9 <28Grams Ephedrine, etc. 2nd [5-30yrs & $50k]

3025    >9 <28Grams Ephedrine, etc. 3rd~ [25-30yrs & $50k]

3026    >28<100 Grams Ephedrine, etc. 1st [7-25yrs & $50k]

3027    >28<100 Grams Ephedrine, etc. 2nd [7-30yrs & $50k]

3028    >28<100 Grams Ephedrine, etc. 3rd~ [25-30yrs & $50k]

3029    >100<200 Grams Ephedrine, etc. 1st [25yrs & $50k]

3030    >100<200 Grams Ephedrine, etc. 2nd [25yrs & $50k]

3031    >100<200 Grams Ephedrine, etc. 3rd~ [25yrs & $50k]

3032    >200<400 Grams Ephedrine, etc. 1st [25yrs & $100k]

3033    >200<400 Grams Ephedrine, etc. 2nd [25yrs & $100k]

3034    >200<400 Grams Ephedrine, etc. 3rd~ [25 yrs & $100k]

3035    >400Grams Ephedrine, etc. 1st [25 to 30 yrs & $200k]

3036    >400Grams Ephedrine, etc. 2nd [25 to 30 yrs & $200k]

3037    >400Grams Ephedrine, etc. 3rd~ [25 to 30 yrs & $200k]

Miscellaneous Other Drug Offenses


0107    PWID, Dist.Drug near School or Park [(§44-53-445), 0-10yrs &or $0-10k] [serious classification]

0892    Purchase of Drugs Near School or Park [(44-53-445), 1 yr  and/or $0-1000]

0561    Obtaining Cont.Sub by Fraud [(§44-53-390), 0-5 &or $0-10k]

0296    Obtaining Preparation of Drugs by Fraud [(§44-53-40), 0-2 &or $0-500]

2738    Possession of Drug w/o valid prescription [(§40-43-86), 0-2yrs &or up to $500]

0027    Attempt or Conspiracy to Violate Drug Laws [(§44-53-420), ½ of charge except (attempt to possess) 0-30 days &or $0-500]

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