Maximum compensation
with minimal stress.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Goose Creek

Don’t try to pursue your injury case alone.  A personal injury attorney in Moncks Corner can assist you in getting the greatest value for your personal injury claim.  Trying to battle with insurance companies alone can be a nightmare and demeaning.  While they may offer you a quick settlement, oftentimes that settlement comes prior to you even knowing what all of your costs may be.  Personal Injury Attorney in Moncks Corner, Russell Hilton represents individuals who are seriously injured in an accident or as the result of someone’s negligence or irresponsibility and can take the stress out of handling a claim alone.

Car Accidents, Injuries on the Job, Dog Bites

A car accident, an injury on the job, or any other type of injury can unfortunately be a tragic event to endure. Through someone else’s negligence, you may find yourself without transportation, and even worse – seriously injured. While sometimes injury cases can take a while to come to completion, we make every effort to effectively bring your case to resolution in a timely manner.

Don’t use a mega firm

There are plenty of firms that focus their practice on personal injury cases.  These firms handle hundreds of cases at a time and your case is nothing more than “one more” case on their list.  Utilizing a smaller firm doesn’t mean you sacrifice ability or experience.  What it does mean is that you get an attorney that you can actually talk to about your case.  Our firm focuses on individualized attention to each case.  You will be referred to by name and not some software generated number.

If you’re looking for an experienced attorney who cares about your case and will give you personal attention when you call, contact us to be your Personal Injury Attorney in Moncks Corner today.