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I wanted to put together a list of the traffic offenses and points that are associated with the charges.  Below is the table of offense that are subject to the “point” system.

56-1-710  Conviction means a plea of guilty, nolo contendere or, bail forfeiture.

56-1-720 – Point System

Reckless Driving56-5-29206
Passing a stopped school bus56-5-27706
Hit and Run, with property damage56-5-124012506
Driving Too Fast for Conditions or Speeding56-5-1520
     Less than 102
     10+ but less than 254
     25 or above6
Disobedience of official traffic device56-5-9504
Disobedience to officer directing traffic56-5-7404
Failing to yield56-5-23304
Wrong side of road56-5-19204
Passing unlawfully56-5-186018904
Turning unlawfully56-5-212021404
Driving through safety zone56-5-32404
Failing to signal56-5-21504
Improper signal56-5-21504
Suddenly decreasing speed56-5-21504
Unlawful Lane change56-5-19002
Improper parking56-5-25102
Following too closely56-5-19304
Failing to dim lights56-5-47802
Operating improper lights56-5-44902
Improper brake lights56-5-45104
Operating vehicle in unsafe condition56-5-44102
Driving in improper lane / left of center56-5-18102
Improper backing56-5-38102

Once points are accumulated, your license may be suspended based upon the number of points.


12-15 Points – 3 Months
16-17 Points – 4 Months
18-19 Points – 5 Months
20+ Points – 6 Months

When do points go away?

Computation of Points
Within 12 months = full value
From 12 to 24 months = one half value
More than 24 months = no value

4 points off for defense driving course

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