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Nine times out of ten, people are arrested, give some sort of statement, and then call an attorney to represent them on the criminal case. Unfortunately, the investigation is likely over at this point.

I certainly realize not everyone knows if they are going to be arrested, but often times people do. In those situations, it is certainly beneficial to consult with an attorney who does criminal work prior to the arrest. Why? An attorney can discuss the case with the detective on your behalf, and possibly avoid charges, but more likely position you for a lower bond and better defense.

Many times, if a warrant has already been issued for your arrest, an attorney can arrange for a time where you turn yourself in and have a bond hearing usually within a few hours. This will likely eliminate the overnight stay in jail, especially if a PR bond can be arranged.

Let’s say you have a warrant outstanding for Breach of Trust. What looks better to the bond judge? You not showing up for your appointment with the detective or you having retained an attorney and having the attorney arrange a time for you to turn yourself in? You certainly not admitting guilt by turning yourself in, and let’s face it, you’re going to be picked up anyway – probably at the most inconvenient time.

So what if you hire an attorney and charges are never brought? Well, isn’t that the best case scenario? Also, many times attorneys will charge a lower rate pre-arrest, and apply that to your fee if you ultimately are arrested and charged.

You probably wouldn’t wait to go to a doctor until it’s too late, and likewise you shouldn’t wait to employ the services of a competent attorney. If you think you’re being investigated or have a warrant outstanding, give me a call and let’s discuss it.

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