DUI Attorney Summerville, SC

A charge doesn’t equal a conviction.

Need a Summerville DUI Attorney?

Summerville DUI Lawyer needs to be someone familiar with the area.  Russell Hilton, Summerville DUI Lawyer has practiced in this area his entire career and is familiar with local practices of law enforcement.  As a former prosecutor,  Russell Hilton, has a unique perspective which allows him to look at your case from a different angle to give you a full analysis of your case.  This experience is not something that many DUI attorneys can claim. 

Should I pay the fine for a DUI in Summerville?

South Carolina DUI laws allow police wide latitude in DUI investigations.  While it seems simple enough to pay the fine, don’t forget that a DUI conviction has severe implications on your license, insurance rates, wallet, and possibly your freedom.  Therefore it’s important to retain a competent Summerville DUI lawyer to help you with your arrest.

DUI is an offense that can affect everyone.  There is no socio-economic class that is excluded.  Many times business people and hardworking folks just out to have a good time can be locked up and face a jail or prison sentence for nothing more than a few beers.  Paying the fine will not make a DUI arrest go away. While no attorney should promise an outcome, I can promise that I will do everything possible to provide you with the best representation possible for your DUI arrest.

Who can I talk to about my DUI arrest in Summerville, SC?

Summerville DUI Attorney, Russell Hilton can help you with that.  There will be NO CHARGE for a consultation to review your case.  You won’t be doing yourself any favors at defending a DUI arrest alone.  You need to act fast in that there are certain rights that affect your license that you need to protect in order to attempt to maintain your ability to drive legally. Don’t sacrifice your driving privileges without ensuring that law enforcement has done everything required of them in your DUI prosecution.  A experienced defense lawyer familiar with the Summerville area can help you out tremendously.  Contact Summerville DUI attorney, Russell Hilton for your attorney and counselor regarding your DUI arrest.