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A charge doesn’t equal a conviction.

Charleston Criminal Domestic Violence / CDV Lawyer

A Charleston Criminal Domestic Violence Attorney may be able to work with you to see that the charges against you might be reduced, diverted, or even dismissed before it ever gets to trial.  Many folks charged with Criminal Domestic Violence in Charleston attempt to defend this on their own, thinking that nothing will happen because the victim has decided to “drop the charges”.  Remember that law enforcement or sometimes an assigned prosecutor is in charge of the prosecution, not the victim.  Therefore it is imperative that you obtain a competent Charleston CDV Lawyer to make sure your rights are protected.

What fine am I facing for CDV in South Carolina?

For Criminal Domestic Violence in South Carolina, a person charged with a first offense can be facing up to 30 days or a $500 fine.  However, with costs and assessments, that fine can more than double!  For second and subsequent offenses, those fines, assessments and incarceration times are even more. Don’t put yourself at risk of being subjected to these extensive penalties without having an experienced Charleston Criminal Domestic Violence attorney look over your case.

Will a Criminal Domestic Violence charge affect my ability to hunt?

A conviction for Criminal Domestic Violence in Charleston can have negative impacts or even foreclose your right to possess a firearm in addition to all the fines and jail time associated with a conviction.  If you like to hunt or if you own a firearm, don’t put this right at risk without proper representation by a competent criminal domestic violence defense attorney.

If you or someone you know has been charged with Criminal Domestic Violence, contact us to review your case with you. Mr. Hilton will personally appear with you at every stage of the proceedings as your Charleston Criminal Domestic Violence (“CDV”) attorney to reach the best attainable solution for your case.

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